How enter debtors payment?

  1. select Income/Payment from customer.
    click at Add New Payment
  2. select the customer and click submit.
    key in the date, select the Payment account (which account you want to debit) , key in the amount received, and key in the payment reference. e.g cheque number 123, then submit.
  3. If you are using accoutxbox to create invoice, click at [Split This Payment] to match this payment to invoice paid.
    If you are using this for book-keeping service, just ignore the [Split This Payment]
  4. To check the double entry, go to Journal/Receipt Journal and select the journal for the period that the debtor make payment. e.g. rc201804  , this is for all payment made in the year 2018 and month of April.
  5. The Payment to Creditor process is the same as debtor’s payment.
    Select Expense/Payment to Supplier.
    The Journal entry is in the Journal/Payment Journal

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