Cloud Accounting

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Why Cloud Accounting?

It’s the use of accounting software where both the software and the data is stored online. You can access it remotely from any device that has an Internet connection – allowing you to do your finances more freely. With Accountsbox Online, you’ll benefit from the speed, simplicity and flexibility that comes from working in the cloud

Endless effort and time spent to do up proper Accounting and tax work? Your need more than compliances..Extra resources spent but no result and heading no where? It is sound familiar to you? We have a solution for you right here!

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our dedicated experienced and qualified team focus on your needs. We train our team to deliver. We are CA (chartered accountants), chartered secretary, Accredited tax advisor, Asean CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants)

Grow Your Business With Cloud Accounting

Cloud is a beautiful invention. It make the world within reach in lightning speed. Let us move you to the cloud

Frequently asked questions

Yes, access to the cloud data is password protected.

You don’t have to worry about information breach on lost of your company computer or be stolen.

You will require less initial server infrastructure to store data.

You don’t need to employ IT staff to maintain or update the cloud accounting system.

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