How to enter Sales Journal?

  1. go to Journal/Sales Journal
    select the batch (e.g. sj201804)
    sj – sales journal
    2018 – year
    04 – month of april
    click at  Add New Record
  2. key in the invoice number in the Voucher Number box.
    e.g. 1025  then press the [Enter] key to submit, try not to use the mouse to click.
  3. key in ’01’ in the date field, press the [tab] key to move to the next field. key in ‘Invoice’ in the Narration field, then press [tab] to move to the Debit A/c field, key the Customer name to select the customer(e.g. abc or xyz), press [tab], then key in the Invoice total (e.g. 1070 inclusive of gst), press the [tab] key, key in 70 in the Output Tax field. next press the [tab] key, at the Z/Rtd Sale field, key in sales to select the sales account. the press [tab] and key in the zero rated sales amount if there is zero rated sales in this invoice, if no, just left it blank and press [tab] and move to the S/Rtd Sale: field and key in sales to select the sales account. then press [tab]  twice (2 times) and press [Enter] to submit.
  4. Now the sales journal have been updated.
    The voucher number is now automatically increased by 1 to 1026.
    Just press the [Enter] key or click at the submit button to enter the next invoice.
  5. now notice that the date field is filled with ’01’, the narrative field is filled with ‘Invoice’, the Zero Rated Sales field is filled with ‘Sales’ and the Standard Rated Sales field is filled with ‘Sales’, just [tab] over and change what you want to change, this is special feature of accoutsbox that will speed up (reducing steps) the entry process.
  6. now I just [tab] over to Dr A/c and key x to select customer ‘XYZ Sdn Bhd’, press [tab] and key in ‘140’ in the Output Tax field, and press the [tab] key twice to move to the Z/Rtd Sale input box(which is now yellow in color) and press [Enter] key to submit.
    notice that I have saved a few steps to process this entry.

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